LSC Service Corp


LSC Service Corp is owned by Barton Center Memorial Foundation, a non-profit corporation. The Board of Directors, comprised of part-time volunteers, has the ultimate responsibility and decision-making authority.

Mission Statement

The mission of LSC Service Corp. is to provide contract management services to organizations which meet the social, economic and physical needs of older adults, by providing safe, secure, sanitary and reasonably priced housing and by providing services, activities and programs to increase the quality of life and independence of older adults. LSC Service Corp will operate in an efficient manner in order to provide funds for the operation of Barton Center, Inc (a 501 (c) (3) corporation).

Corporate Vision

Actions of the trustees and staff of LSC Service Corp. should be guided by adherence to this Corporate Vision:

AGING is a normal life process that people experience in different ways;

AGE should not limit or change a person’s right to experience life to its fullest through self-determination;

SERVICES should provide opportunities for personal growth, fulfillment and choice;

A CARING STAFF recognizes that people are individuals with changing needs and seeks innovative approaches that emphasize each person’s wholeness;

A NON-PROFIT CORPORATION exists for and is responsible to the people it serves;

A COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM FOR THE ELDERLY goes beyond the residents it serves.  It attempts to affect changes within society that will lead toward a fuller life for all senior adults.